Fighting Russia to Boost the European Winter Tire Market

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Fighting Russia to Boost the European Winter Tire Market
On April 23, 2019, the annual Russian International Tire and Rubber Exhibition was grandly opened in Moscow. Li Zhenyan, general manager of Sichuan Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd., led the team to bring a variety of star products to the event for the first time. It shows the charm of the national brand and injects new impetus into the promotion of the European winter tire market.
In this exhibition, the company mainly displayed new products and classic pattern products such as HD677, HD627, MK617 and environment-friendly car tires HD667. Among them, boutique car tires HD667 with high proportion straight groove and arc type sipe fine gaps pattern design effectively reduce the noise, its excellent wetland grip performance won the praise of customers. HD627 light-load winter tires have passed the rigorous EU test, the wet-slip is grade A, reaching the international leading level, and the outstanding performance reflects the strong technical research and development strength of our company. In particular, the unique pattern design of new studded winter tires HD677 shines at the show, optimizing the arrangement of the stud holes, 3D grooves, the graceful diagonal pinstripes and wavy fine grooves are perfectly combined with the continuous blocks of the crown, let the visitors of the exhibition be full of praise.
Russia International Tire & Rubber Exhibition is known for its strong professionalism and wide radiation range. It has become the most important technology and trade exchange platform for the Russian tire and rubber industry. Nearly 50% of the exhibitors are tire factories, and about 20% are tire wholesalers. The rest are tire retailers, tire technicians and industry-renowned experts. 
Although our company participated in this exhibition for the first time and competed with professional exhibitors in the industry, the high-value, high-quality and connotative products that appeared on the booth stood out among many brands. The company also prepared a charmingly naive panda doll for customer. It vividly shows the Sichuan characteristics of Chinese enterprises and attracts customers from all over the world to visit and negotiate.
The four-day exhibition was from April 23 to 26, our company received more than 80 customers from Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Lithuania and other countries, and 12 customers with intentional cooperation. Through close communication with professional customers, more professional information has been collected, which has laid a good foundation for entering the winter tire market in order to build a sales pattern in the European market. Sichuan Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd. will continue to be market-oriented, adhere to technological innovation, constantly improve product series, devote itself to creating international quality products, and help to promote the sales of winter tires in the export market to a new level.

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